Rodents – Mice and Rats

The only nice thing we can say about Mice is that they prefer to stay out of sight. That doesn’t mean they get a free pass. Beyond the yuck factor of having mice, they are destructive, and when they get into food, forget about it. Final straw!

  • Mouse traps
  • Bait stations
  • Rat Poision

If you don’t want to call us, these are the obvious first lines of defense.

Next Level Mouse control tips

  • Take care of poor sanitation habits
  • Shore up any hidden entry points into the house
  • Keep the cat hungry

a fat cat lying in the grass doesn't need to catch mice cause mama keeps him well fed

My uncle had a shop that had a cat. I never bothered to ask about its feeding schedule, i was a kid. I just pet it when it wanted me to, and treated it kindly. I later found out that my uncle fed that cat half a normal cats daily allotment of cat food. One cup per day? Nope. Half a cup for the shop cat. Why so? It was enough calories for the cat to survive indefinitely, but not enough to let it get fat or not be hungry. My uncle underfed that cat because it was a mouse cat.

Are we recommending that? No. But a lean, hungry cat is 10x more likely to pursue a mouse, than a fat, full cat. If you want your cat to work for you, keep him lean and don’t over feed him till the mouse problem is gone. Then you can go back to pampering Peaches. For help with Pest Control in Southern Maryland, give us a call!