Mechanicsville Maryland Cockroach

Yuck! No one likes having cockroaches in their home. They look gross, smell gross, and even crunch under your shoe gross. A variety of tools and techniques are available to help rid your home of these nasty pests. It is likely that you will need to develop a plan of attack that employs several of them. Give Southern Maryland Boys a call if you are dealing with an infestation that you just can’t beat. We will work with you by removing the ones you already have and helping you develop a plan for them to not come back.

Tools and Techniques You Can Try on Your Own

1. Keep your home clean and dry. Certain species of cockroaches are attracted to damp, or moist, areas. Most species are attracted to food left out on counters, or in sinks. They enjoy greasy areas that can be found around your stove and oven areas. Remember to store your food properly. Dusting and vacuuming regularly and not leaving dishes in the sink are huge preventative measures.

2. Inspect your home for their entry points and hiding places. You may want to grab a flashlight to look for their possible hiding places in your home. They like dark, possibly damp areas, such as underneath refrigerators, dark corners of your cabinets or closets, or underneath and around your sinks. Some cockroaches can also come into your home under doorways or through improperly sealed windows. A professional can collaborate with you to help seal up possible entry points. Exterminators recommend sealing up these cracks and crevices with caulk.

3. Put out traps, bait, or your poison of choice.  You will know where you can caulk up cracks and crevices and set out baits or poison once you have an idea of where they are hiding and entering. Roach gel, or gel bait often comes in a tube. Apply it into cracks and crevices, around your home, and underneath baseboards. This works well, but will often leave you will dead roaches throughout your home. Bait or poison is often recommended. The roach will ingest it, travel home and die there. Other roaches will eat it and the poison will continue to spread – killing multiple cockroaches. Sticky traps work well to catch a few roaches to help you identify which species you are dealing will.

Why Cockroaches Can Be Harmful

  • Allergies and Asthma – some have proven sensitive to their feces, saliva, and flakes off their bodies. Symptoms can include breathing problems and skin irritation.
  • Infect food – they can defecate ANYWHERE in the house.
  • Spread viruses and bacteria.

Don’t stay victim to these nasty creatures any longer. If you feel you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We serve St. Mary’s, Charles and Calvert counties.