Bug Prevention

Bug Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here at Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control, we believe its easier to prevent bugs from taking root in your house than it is to fix the problem once its taken root. Lets start with a few tips for a bug free home

  • Do Dishes before bed each night
  • Take trash out a reasonable distance from the house as soon as bag is full
  • Keep cabinets free of food that is not sealed well.

You would be surprised how many bug problems can be fixed by following these three simple pest prevention steps. Now what can we do for you

Pest Control Options

  • Spray doors, windows, for flying bugs
  • Treat inside and outside borders of house for crawling creeps
  • Traps for mice
  • Bed bug inspection and termination
  • Termite treatments

If it flies or crawls, and you don’t want it there, we don’t either. Pests aren’t just icky, they carry disgusting diseases and the microscopic germs they leave in their wake does not make for pretty dinner conversation. Let us help you BEFORE there is a problem. Whatever part of Southern Maryland you live in, we have you covered. Although we live and work in St. Mary’s county, we come to calvert county and charles too. Just give us a call today or fill out our contact form.