The Ultimate Guide to Exterior Home Maintenance: Tree Removal Service in Southern Maryland

Before the cold temperatures and heavy snow arrive, prepare your home or commercial building with your local exterminator and your local arborist! Mike Timber’s Tree Removal Service is located in Davidsonville, MD, and offers high-risk tree removal, stump removal, storm damage restoration, and trimming and pruning throughout Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s County.

Why Hire Your Local Arborist in Southern Maryland

Property maintenance involves your home or building and your landscaping, and it’s important that both are prepared for the winter weather. Why? If you have large, decaying trees nearby, you run the risk of branches falling on your property as the snow piles on! Call Mike Timber’s today to get your trees inspected and your landscape in a safe condition.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A professional company offers a variety of services to keep your landscape in beautiful, safe condition. Southern Maryland is not immune to extreme weather such as lighting and thunderstorms and blizzards, both of which can easily cause trees to come crashing down. An arborist’s job is to prevent these sometimes fatal accidents from happening. How do they do this?

High-Risk Tree Removal

We often get calls for utility line clearing. Our team will come and extract large trees that are brushing up against utility lines, which can be extremely dangerous. In other cases, we aim to avoid full removal and will brace the tree instead, but if the situation is too dangerous, complete extraction is necessary.

Storm Damage Restoration

We will help clean up your property after a bad storm. We’d be happy to weather-proof your landscape by either bracing or removing trees.

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning keep your landscape looking well-kept and prevents large limbs from falling and causing damage and/injury.

Stump Removal

Whether we had to remove a tree or it fell on its own, we’ll remove all stumps, which can be real eyesores and safety hazards.

Professional Care For Your Southern Maryland Property

Call Mike Timber’s today for a free estimate and prep your home to endure the changing weather!