5 Things Most Exterminators Won’t Tell You

5 Things Most Exterminators Won’t Tell You

When we see rodents and pests in our space, we want them out right away! So that’s why we look up, “The exterminators” on the internet. We want the solution of getting rid of that disgusting feeling inside that makes you want to shiver down your spine with just the thought of creepy crawlers in your personal space.

However, you may have called or have gotten the men to come, but here are some things they don´t tell you:

The buggers come back

Sorry, that’s the truth. In the end of our home or business treatment, we obviously feel good knowing that we found measures to kill all those unwanted guests. However, they or others do come back. When living in climates where moisture is common or having a poor drainage system inside or outside of the building is an attraction. That is one reason why this industry has veered away from what we like to call them to more often as pest control or pest management.

The Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control will not only manage your infestation if you call them right away but will also let you know why they are coming in. They know how to think like a pest and know where the secret entry spots are. Keep in mind, it´s not the fault of pest control if you don´t get entry ways fixed.

The chemicals not only kill those buggers

Too much of any artificial chemical is bad for you. In our country, we spend about 4.5 billion pounds of pesticides each year. There have been cases of respiratory problems of being overexposed to the chemicals. Although you want to be there when your ghost busters come to kill, just be aware of not being around them too much when they start spraying. Use a mask and it’s better to have the kids out for the day.


The real reason you got sick eating out

A good restaurant should always hire pest control, especially in the major cities. It sucks to know the truth, but there are always huge rats the size of cats ruling the streets. It just makes you want to barf just thinking about it. Anyways, a rodenticide known as tracking powder is used to control mouse and rat problems where food is sold. However, even though the company keeps the kitchen clean before closing and to start the new day, these rats are all over. Often, a mouse can run through the powder and then run over a counter top where the chef prepares his meals. Before you know it, you thought it was the parmesan cheese in your penne pasta that made you get sick. To ease your mind, you would need to ingest 12 ounces of this powder to kill a 150 pound person.

“We hate ants just like you”

It’s either your lucky or you’re not. Ants never stop working and a spray to kill some of its friends will not stop them from working at the same place or expanding to other nations. You may be lucky and they don´t come back or it may be your worst nightmare if they are Pharaoh ants and they make the call before all their troops die to split up and building elsewhere. As there are so many different ants out there, it may actually be hard to find out what ant is coming in if your Pest control is not educated. Further, ants change their diets often which can make it difficult to lure them with bait. Learn more about ants.

If it’s not obvious, you’ll get the green on new homes

Many homes need a clearance on termites before selling or before an interested person signs the deal off. This may be hard with new built homes. They should be termite free since they are new but you never know, especially observing where the new structure is located. On older homes, best to ask for a history of pest control before looking into buying it and get at least a very well reputable company to check for termites or get two companies looking at it. In Southern Maryland the weather can be perfect for termites. Learn more about termites.

We Manage, not eliminate

The Southern States will always be bombarded with unwanted guests. You may have a super clean kitchen or garage but you can’t change the weather. That is why most homes in Southern Maryland continually receive pest control to avoid an outright infestation. Hey they are creatures, who basically want the same as us; a roof over their head and some food. If you need an Exterminator in Southern Maryland give us a call today