Termite Inspections In St. Marys County

flying termite, attacking wood


Most tend to think they are safe from termites or that they are not in risk of getting an infestation. But just like every home here in Southern Maryland, our homes are most frequently made of wood. Thinking of that fact alone, our homes could be a main attraction for termites. Usually around the months of March and April, it is not uncommon for homeowners to start seeing swarms of termites located near their homes.

We have an indigenous termite to our area called the Eastern Subterranean Termite that lives beneath the soil. These little flying and destructive insects are considered to be social, which is why they live in colonies, usually numbering to be hundreds of thousands. They are also extremely busy. A queen termite can deposit 2,000 eggs daily and live over the age of 40! Just imagine the work that a queen can do when her colony of termites grows.

Unfortunately, at times the damp wood they find to survive off of and officially make home, may end up being your home. Which is why we need to have annual inspections, even if we don’t suspect any evidence. These rancid insects live under ground and can do damage before we even notice.

We suggest at least once a year most popular done in the springtime, you should get your annual termite inspection. It will be right when the seasons are changing, winter is passing by, all the snow is drying up and spring is nearly in sight. This is the absolute perfect time to check and see if termites have attached themselves to any damp, wet, dark places on or near our homes.

Give us a call and let the professionals help you. We can make sure to prevent the insects from making roots and get you back to being the only homeowner of your property.