House Flies and What to do About Them

House Flies and What to do About Them

Anything the flies around you and especially our food are nuisances. House flies are part of this list-to-kill as they often pass the line. They stick to edges and corners to relax on. During the day they rest on ceilings, walls and floors. Outside, they stick around plants, fence wires, and the ground and on garbage cans. At night, they target any food source they can find, from our food, animal food and carcasses, garbage and excrement.

Your typical house fly is normally gray with four black stripes on the thorax. Their eggs are placed in any moist, warm material and one female can lay about 5 to 6 batches of 75 to 100 eggs. When its warmer weather their eggs can hatch within 12 to 24 hours.

These buggers are pests that you do not want to take lightly. They can pass many different sicknesses through their legs and their small hairs throughout the body. As they fly from one area to another they can carry diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax, and tuberculosis and have passed the eggs of parasitic worms.

So like any other pest, we don´t want them around either!


Some tips to get rid of them

Buy a fly trap!

UV light traps are awesome for zapping these house flies. They are attracted to the light and when they enter they either receive an electric shock or get trapped by glue. Your light trap should be placed about 4-6 feet off the ground and not close to a window where you can see if from the outside so you don´t lure more to budge inside your home. Also, there are different types of light traps for outdoor and indoor, so make sure you get the appropriate one.

Buy fly tape!

Fly tape is a basic way to get rid of the adult flies. Get a few rolls for your home and hang them up close to areas where there are many house flies. As they fly by they will get stuck and eventually die. However, make sure you don´t hang them directly over-head areas where you prepare your meals or where you eat. They can easily drop down and you could be having some house flies for dinner.

Buy a fly swatter!

These racquets can actually be fun to use. The electronic swatters are awesome as once you hit one, they get zapped right away. You can hear the zap noise every time you kill one. You might be tempted to test the shock on your little sibling and if you do just say you thought it didn´t work. Either way, these racquets are ideal.

The Nuisance can be over!

House flies are pests we cannot just resort living with. Don´t ignore the signs of an infestation by keeping your house clean, free from moisture and free from open food. If they are still flying around you, don´t hesitate to call the Maryland Boys who will zap them out of your life!