7 Ways to Avoid Wasps

7 Ways to Avoid Wasps

Summer time, the living is easy! There is nothing better than to enjoy the fresh comfortable air eating outside on your new patio furniture with the peeps you care about. To your surprise, everyone starts to get up off their seats as many run away and then you have brave Uncle Pete who grabs his shoe and starts waving it against the air.

What just happened? That buzzing sound starts to get louder and the party is over!

Are we just traumatized by watching those horror movies of when you die from an attack of wasps? Why are we so scared of such a small little creature? The fact remains; many hate or are afraid of these flying insects.

Let´s consider some tips you can do to avoid terrifying moments during the summer months and towards the end.

How do you Smell?

Obviously, we don´t want to be that person who has bad body odor. Unfortunately, most of the times the one that does have bad body odor doesn´t even know of it. LOL! But one thing for sure is that he won´t be getting any buzzing around him. Make sure you don´t smell like a flower or array a strong overpowering scent. If you do have a strong scent they will be buzzing around you checking you out if you’re worth it.

Do you look like a Flower?

Yes, it´s summer time and it’s the time to wear those bright colorful shirts or dresses. If you will be enjoying the outdoors in a social gathering, it´s smarter to wear lighter colors so they also avoid checking you out.

They have a Sweet Tooth just like you!

The Spiked Punch will not only be crowded with seconds but also your friendly insect will be doing a nose dive to get into that! Any foods or drinks that have sugary content are an attraction for many. Don´t leave any fruit, peels lying around outside. Maybe it´s best to keep that inside however make sure you have your door closed.


Man in protective suit exterminating a wasp’s nest.

Face your Fear

Please, do not be like Uncle Pete! Although that buzzing is so annoying and you want to kill it, you just made him your not so friendly enemy. If the wasp thinks it´s being attacked, well, he won´t hesitate to throw a stinger. The best thing to do is keep calm and let him buzz around you to check you out if you have something to offer. If you followed the other previous steps, the buzzing will go away.

Keep Clean

After many social gatherings at home no one wants to clean up. But just like any pest, this is the jackpot! All those beer bottles, empty soda cans are just attractions for wasps. Best to rinse them out or keep them in a seal area not left in some random corner. Your organic waste should be tightly sealed to avoid clouds of wasps trying to get in there.

Your Garden has its place

Try to organize your backyard in a manner that your flower garden is not close to your patio set. Give wasps an area to explore so they don´t end up coming over and bugging you. Towards the end of summer, wasps can increase so giving them their personal space to have fun will surely add to your enjoyment outside with your friends or family.

Call the Bug Busters

When in doubt make a shout out to the Maryland Boys! If you have an influx of wasps around your backyard, most likely they had made a home. How would you like it if someone destroyed your perfectly symmetrical home? By no means, attack! To avoid any danger, that’s why we have brave men who are equipped to exterminate unwanted pests around your home.