All About Southern Maryland

All About Southern Maryland

The South, is where it´s at! It´s just plain facts, when there´s better weather you have better people hence better life. Not to mention when you are close to salt water, your stressful life can be put at ease with just a drive away to shore.

However, Southern Maryland can be a mixed bag, being close to the Capital´s hustle and bustle has revolutionized the new generations. Similarly with any place in this modern age we are living in, it is not like before when you ask the long-timers. On the contrary, this is what makes Southern Maryland unique. The heart hasn’t changed as many of the countries historical stepping stones stay grounded which makes this area a very neat place to visit.

You are what you eat!

The advantages of living close to Chesapeake Bay, calls for seafood, especially crabs. There is just something about enjoying a seafood meal; maybe because we know where it came from we are happier. Not sure, but even though steamed crabs or crab cakes are one of the Southern Maryland delicacies, the people are definitely not crabby!


photo of a bushel basket of live blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland

Behind the Sea

St. Mary´s is the first site of Maryland´s first colonial settlement. Due to the significant water way to enter new land, this area enabled many foreigners to settle. Here is where the first Roman Catholic English settlement started in North America.

Not only was this area very ideal to explore new grounds, it was a perfect place for an escape route. You can visit the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum in the Charles county to find out where the saying ¨Your name is Mudd¨ came from. He became famous because of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Above the Sea

Most of Southern Maryland was full of many different plantations which could have contributed it to rural poverty and slavery. Also, being traditionally a rural and agricultural region, it was filled with freight steamboat routes. It operated through the Chesapeake Bay and the many major rivers that enter in-land.

Now as the Washington Suburbs have expanded towards Charles and Calvert County, it has revolutionized the southern culture. Many Southerners have changed their profession as the Andrews Air Force Base, the U.S. Census Bureau or the Patuxent River Naval Air Station has adopted many Southerners

This Land is Our Land

Yes, the steamboats are gone but three-quarters still remain rural of forest and farmland. Many of the historical sites stay untouched to appreciate where we came from. The Solomon Island and Chesapeake Beach are still not so far away to enjoy. Not to forget to mention, the Maryland International Raceway and Budds Creek Raceway are thrilling places to experience.

St. Mary´s is still inhabited to Amish and Mennonite communities. Along the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay you can encounter the Piscataway Native American Tribe. Time has changed the dynamics of Southern Maryland, however what has stayed the same is the Seafood!