Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

This is about one of the worst pest control problems a household can have. The worst! Roaches being a close second. At least with other bug infestations you can close your eyes at night and sleep it off. Not so with bed bugs. Here are a few scary facts you should know

  • Hotels are notorious breeding grounds
  • Bed bugs are stubbornly resistant to pesticide
  • Each day the population can triple
  • The eggs are the key to treatment

bed bugs hanging out in your mattress

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

Know thy enemy! This ancient English war strategy will be our key. We can steam clean the bed and sheets, only to find a bed bug infestation back within five days! The key is in the hiding places. Only 75% of the bed bug population will actually be in your bed and in your sheets. Pajamas, electrical outlets, carpeting, are all places eggs can be found. If you leave just one egg, your problem will return!

    • Empty vacuum after each use and change bag
    • Clean bedding with hot water and bleach alternative
    • Treat Animals and their bedding for their sake and yours

Bed bugs are the fleas of humans. But information is our power. We know their hiding places, habits, likes and dislikes. Bed bugs are the crazy ex-girlfriend of Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control. And they’re not gonna key our car on my watch!

Southern Maryland Bed Bug Doctor

We are your bed bug exterminator in Southern Maryland. We serve St mary’s, charles and calvert counties. We got your back so it doesn’t get bit.