Things to do in St. Mary´s County

Things to do in St. Mary´s County

How many Mary´s do you know? Many countries with Christian backgrounds have idolized the Virgin Mary that it has become a name like Joe Smith. Significantly enough, St. Mary´s is considered to be the birthplace of religious freedom in North America. When the New World was discovered, many Englishmen were being persecuted for practicing Catholicism. It was George Calvert who had the vision where all people could practice their faith in freedom in St. Mary´s. A valid reason to name a town St. Mary´s!

This county is rich of our nation´s history; from the finest colonial sites you can visit to the War of 1812 and Civil War sites. But that’s not all; you can enjoy the nature that had lead past explorers here from land to water recreation.

What can St. Mary´s offer you?

Progress from History

Historic St. Mary´s City

This should be on your bucket list! You have about 800 acres of an array of stunning landscape, winded with huge water passages and placed on the best preserved English colonial archaeological site in North America. Historic St. Mary´s City has been a National Historic Landmark since 1969 and many tourists like you come here.

As you walk through this site, you will not only imagine how it was during the 17th century but get the real taste of life back then. Enter onboard a tall ship, explore through the Indian witchott and play colonial games.

Enjoy the wide range of tours for all ages. Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, concerts on weekends and many more things to explore that will make your experience a memorable one. If you’re a Southerner make sure you don´t take for granted the heritage you have in your backyard. Make sure you take at least one day to discover your roots because to move forward you need to know where you came from!


Late 17th century wooden house with unique white chimney next to the Shop at Farthing’s Ordinary in Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland

In Water

With more than 500 miles of shoreline on the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers, the beautiful Chesapeake Bay with tons of other major rivers, tidal marshes, streams and inlets, makes St. Mary´s a perfect water wonderland.

Take a tour with the Fishing charters, Waterman Heritage crew to sunset cruises, lighthouse excursions and many more. Enjoy the fresh sea air as you fish to eat and learn the history.

If you want a more active day, head down to the Patuxent Adventure Center where you can paddleboard, kayak and canoe with awesome scenic backdrops to put on Instagram.

Water trails are just as many as hiking trails. Paddlers will never get bored here with too many options to choose. There are different intensity trails for all ages. Make sure you look up the different trails to tailor it to your ability. Some of the popular water trails are as follows: Wicomico River Trail, McIntosh Run Trail, Upper St. Mary´s River Trail, Herring Creek Loop Trail, Piney Point Creek Trail and St. Inigoes Trails. You can pick up a guide and the St. Mary´s County Welcome Center in The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum or Charlotte Hall Visitor Center.

In Land

An event you would not want to pass in St. Mary´s is the Budds Creek Motocross. This park is recognized for its natural terrain motocross track. It is surely an experience to see a race and spectating is free. Don´t miss out. To even add more on the list is the Maryland International Raceway which is the largest motorsports facility the features Drag Racing. They have seats that hold about 11,000 spectators that run more than 100 events from March through November.

If you want a more active role, Cycling is very popular with again many options to choose from. Perfect wide shoulders on rural roads with scenic views makes cycling these loops easy on the variety of terrain. Some loops to look up are: St. Mary´s City Loop, Amish and Mennonite Loop, Chaptico Loop and the 7th District Loop.

A Mary that you should know!

This is a place where land and water are combined displaying amazing portraits along with a rich history of America. Check out more on St. Mary´s pest control page.