How to Minimize Roach Infestation Until your Pest Control Man Comes

How to Minimize Roach Infestation Until your Pest Control Man Comes

Just like rats, just the thought of one roach in your home just gives you this disgusting irritable, dirty feeling inside that you have to make sure you get rid of all of them! The worse part about these roaches is that they are superfast and resilient creatures. When you flip them onto their hard shell they are immovable and that’s when you think you got them. But long and behold nah! You may think you have left them for dead but even after days they are still alive. Damn those cockroaches!

If you start seeing them more often at night and worst during the day, your only solution is the Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control. They are the only way you will be clean-free from them physically and in your imagination. However, there are some things you can do to prevent or minimize these quick, sneaky disease carrying pests to overtake your home.


A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

A demanding full-time job and young kids leads to a busy life where you often buy take-out to have dinner ready coming home. Who wants to clean the dishes from the morning or tidy the kitchen? All you want to do is just sit on the couch and raise your feet with a glass of wine. But if you leave those leftovers for the next person to tidy up, those roaches will sure be happy campers! Keeping food sealed and leaving your floors clean from grease or crumbs will minimize a massive cockroach infestation.

Moisture is their Haven

These little critters love dark, small spaces and most likely they have hid their eggs in your kitchen cabinet cracks. If you find something that looks like a long bean, those are their gems for more pests to invade. Destroy it right away as that creates a couple more babies very easily. They love being underneath the sink because of moisture. So even if you do keep a happy kitchen clean, if you have leaks or your cabinet maker left you with a lot of hard to reach cracks, your friends are getting very cozy in there.

Take the Garbage Out

No one wants to do it and that’s why we have cockroaches. Try to keep all organic garbage into one bin instead of throwing it into different garbage bins throughout the house. You do not want to make it worse for you by having them spread throughout your home. Make sure you take your garbage out of the house frequently as that is one lucky jackpot for these pests.

No Mercy!

Do anything to kill them! Buy some bait in your local home department store and place them in the areas where they will most likely be chilling. You can even make your home-made cockroach killer.


  • Combine together, white flour, cocoa, oatmeal, boric acid and Plaster of Paris of the same portion.
  • Add 2 teaspoons or 10ml of citrus pulp, ¾ teaspoon or 4ml of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon corn meal and ¼ of boric acid.

As they come and eat the bait they get poisoned and finally they die! Be aware for either store bought bait or home-made bait, to keep them away from small children and pets.


The Eliminators

Unfortunately, you probably have at least one right now in your home hiding. However, by sticking to some basic points for prevention can help you from an outright home robbery. Keep looking for signs of invaders and often look closely to their favorites hot spots. In the end, your Ghost busters, ¨the Boys¨ will have to come in and fully eliminate those smart-ass roaches. Learn more about them here!