The Dangerous Chemicals in Pest Control and the Government Safety Regulations

The Dangerous Chemicals in Pest Control and the Government Safety Regulations

When it comes to Pesticides, we definitely want to leave it to the professionals. Just the smell of it makes you feel like you´re going to get cancer. Unfortunately, in many developing countries they don´t have any regulations and buy the Pesticides that don’t pass the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is responsible for overseeing pesticides through the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Thank goodness! Our country does have regulations on pesticides.


First of all, what is a Pesticide?

It is a substance used for:

  • Repelling, destroying, Preventing or mitigating any pest
  • Can be used as a defoliant, plant regulator or a desiccant
  • A Nitrogen Stabilizer

Understanding the chemicals involved will help you be aware of the dangers and help prevent misuse of substances. In pesticides there are ¨active ingredients¨ which makes it a pesticide and the ¨inert ingredients¨ are all the other ingredients that are vital for usability and product performance.


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Active Ingredients

Basically, it is called active since these ingredients are what control´s the pests. All active ingredients must be labelled on the container, identified specifically and show its percentage by weight. Some active ingredients are antimicrobial that destroy or prevent growth of harmful microorganisms. Other ingredients are bio-pesticides that are taken from natural materials.

Inert Ingredients

Inert ingredients are usually added with one active ingredient; they are chemicals, compounds and other substances and can be derived from food and natural materials. However, it does not mean inert ingredients are non-toxic. These substances also have to be approved by EPA before they can incorporate it in a pesticide.
Inert ingredients are very essential for the effectiveness and product performance. They aid as a solvent to make sure the pesticide is penetrated thoroughly, help keep shelf life, improve safe application and can help protect the pesticide from exposure to sunlight.

Unlike active ingredients, inert substances do not have to be labelled in detail but most often the total percentage of the substance is displayed.

Government Regulations

Before we can buy any pesticide product in the States, it must pass the EPA standards to make sure it does not harm our health or the environment. Once a product is passed, it receives a license that allows the distribution of the pesticide. There are some pesticides where only qualified professionals are only permitted to handle the substance.

Pest Control

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