Spiders, Friend or Foe?

Spiders, Friend or Foe?

Many people are scared of spiders and many do live in our homes. We all have the fear of having a spider jump right on our face when we try to kill it with whatever we have at hand. When you know there´s a spider in a corner of the ceiling or window, the thought of leaving it there doesn´t let us have sweet dreams, rather nightmares they will end up crawling up your face.

Most of the time, your phobias are strong due to our imagination. However, if we can overcome it, there might be some benefits if you let your little Spiderman alone to live.

On the contrary, if you do choose to kill it, it would be best to not touch it. Spiders do not seek human contact, however if it feels it is being attacked or threatened, like any creature you may suffer from a bite. Each spider has its own venom and each one of us can react differently. If you did suffer from a bad bite seek medical attention and try to capture the spider that bite you so the doctors can know what kind of venom the spider contains.


Why consider keeping it as a pet?

Your house cleaner

Unlike other pests that search for our food, spiders search for pests to eat. The typical pests they search for are earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, roaches and clothes moths. So hey! You might end up with less house work if you leave the spider to himself as it eats and cleans up your homes from unwanted pests.

Only one Spiderman can survive

Unlike other pests who like to call more friends to come join the fun, spiders are the opposite. As more spiders appear, eventually there are only a few winners as they fight each other and the winner eats the loser. You will not see small spiders in the course of time; rather you will see your buddy getting bigger in his little corner.

Protects your health

What? Spiders can help with my health? Yes, in fact as they eat all the gross pests that can enter in your home, your Spiderman can prevent these critters from spreading diseases in your home. Especially if you have toddlers that play on your floor where a home is invaded by pests, spiders can help in eliminating the probabilities of any family member catching a disease from pests.

Nah!! I don´t like Spiders

Okay, if you obsoletely hate spiders that it affects the comfort of home, there are a couple solutions to get rid of them.


  • Avoid plantings, trash, mulch or debris from touching the structure of your home.
  • Make sure you store your belongings less used in plastic tubs instead of using boxes as it attracts insects pests and in turn your spiders
  • Eliminate spiders from controlling insect invaders using indoor insect killer solution.
  • Use residual insecticide on the areas where spiders build webs and breed.

House spiders last about 2 years and reproduce several times during their lifespan. Most of the time, during late summer and early fall is usually the times when spiders start showing up outside and indoor. The male spiders are the ones you will see more often as they are more mobile searching for their next mate.

So here you have it, Spiders may not be a pest after all! But if spiders are not your cup of tea, then don´t hesitate to call the Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control to help you eliminate your imagination getting the best of you.