How to Reduce Unwanted Pests until the Bug Guy Comes

How to Reduce Unwanted Pests until the Bug Guy Comes

Every living creature needs a home. Many times, these critters may find that your home is just right as you discover you are getting unwanted roommates. These can be ants, spiders, mice, cockroaches and other critters. These unwanted guests have no ethics as they can start to invade your personal space.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your unwanted guests to keep entering, until you call the Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control to fully get the job done.

We All Need Food

We do anything when we are hungry, how much more for pests who are searching for free food. These pests can skip your home to the next if you make sure there is no food exposed. Leaving leftovers on the counter or allowing your kids to leave a trail of crumbs, permits pests like ants to call their whole colony to put themselves to work. If you have a problem with ants check out the blog on ¨ How to deal with unwanted ants in the kitchen.¨

Make sure you seal up bags and boxes of food properly and use sealable bags or sealed containers to store open food. If you have little children or teenagers that leave a mess as they eat, assure they eat in one area and immediately clean up after them.

Garbage is gold to pests, so keeping it covered and away from the home is important. If you have pets, do not leave their food left outside or else they can get sick from whatever enters in their bowl as many critters will flock to it. The key is being clean.

Water is their Life Line

Just like humans, Pests cannot live long without water. Start at one end of the house to search for unknown water access. For example, your faucet could be leaking and piling up a water pool, or you may be watering your plants too much that there is excess water exposed. Especially during the summer months, leaving spilled liquid in the counter or having various pools of water left outside from rainfall can attract more rodents as they are thirsty.

Think like a Pest

When Southern Maryland starts getting cold, we all run to our favorite sofa, throw a soft blanket on us and watch Netflix. This is the same time when we get an influx of party crashers streaming through any opening their bodies can fit through. If you want to avoid that, start thinking like a pest. How would you enter your home?

Seal up obvious cracks and openings behind sinks, around windows, pipes and baseboards. The more hazards you make for them can turn them off and off they go to the next target. Often check if your doors and windows are shut tightly. At times, as you check to make sure your window frames are sealed properly, you may encounter friends of Spiderman. If you’re not sure what to do with spiders read our blog on, Spiders, friend or foe?

The Maryland Boys Pest Control is your modern ghost busters who come in your home to help you sleeping without the thought of these pests crawling up your bed at night. Give them a shout and they will be busting your door open to exterminate your home invaders.