How to Deal with Unwanted Ants in the Kitchen

How to Deal with Unwanted Ants in the Kitchen

There are tons of different types of ants but what is common to all of them is that they never stop working; so trying to get rid of them calls for persistence on your part.

The most common types of ants in a home are your carpenter, pavement, acrobat, pharaoh and odorous house ants. Although they seem very insignificant for its size, never underestimate them as they can get into your homemade surprise birthday cake for you child, damage your belongings, kill your plants and can cause stinging bites.

Try these methods in your kitchen before you have to call the Boys!


2 for 1 on White Vinegar

When ants enter your home they leave behind a trail of a scent, so they can guide themselves back and help their workmates to follow the trail to the pot of gold. However, using vinegar with equal parts of water can help eliminate the scent and make those ants run back to their colony. They hate the smell of vinegar, just like when we take a sniff of vinegar, it gives as a wake-up call and so for ants they are super sensitive of the strong smell. Vinegar helps eliminates the ants and is a natural cleaning agent for your counters and floors.

Borax the silent killer

Borax can kill ants when ingested. You can mix borax with food jelly or granulated sugar with a ratio of 1:3, adding water for a syrup result. Placing this mix in high traffic of ants will attract them to the solution and ultimately they will eat it and finally die. Word of caution is keeping this solution away from small children and pets as it is toxic.

Natural aroma of Lemon

Lemon smells good, but not for ants. The smell turns them off from continuing to move forward because of its’ acidic property. Using lemon peel and leaving it around outdoor entrances, rubbing lemon juice on windowsills and door thresholds help them change their destination. Also, putting drops of lemon essential oil on cotton balls and placing them inside your cabinets and other areas will help. You will have traces of lemon everywhere, but at least it leaves a pleasant odor.

They Hate Cinnamon

This method is good for your kitchen. The scent discourages them to enter as it is effective for repellency and insecticidal activity. Using a cotton ball, soak it in a cinnamon solution and wipe it down on enter and exit points for ants. Keep doing this once every day until you don´t see them anymore.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This powder is the remains of a fossilized marine phytoplankton which works as an ant repellant. You would have to spread this powder in ant infested areas at least once every day until you see no sign of them. The digestion of this powder cuts through the ants ‘exoskeletons which causes their body to dry out.

These methods should help reduce the invasion of ants in your kitchen. Who likes to see ants invading the food you’re preparing to eat? Obviously none of us, but if these methods don´t fully eliminate your ant invasion, this may mean the ant colony has been around for quite a long time. You will need to call the Boys to get her done!